Not a ‘born-to-be-a-reader,’ but I desire to be addicted in reading because of the potential knowledge that I can earn through books. That’s my simple goal on this project.

I choose ‘999books.com’ as the domain name of this website because I wish to read as much as the number shows. Also, I am afraid that ’99 books’ may run out on contents and ‘1000 books’ is already taken.

I know it will take some time. May be, more than twenty years. In fact, if I read a book a week, it will take 19.1589 Years (19 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 13 Hours, 26 Minutes and 40 Seconds) to finish this project. Let’s see how it goes. Oh boy…(11.2016)

Blog Journal

[March, 2017] Mainly focused on ‘Dear You,’ section so far. It is letter-format posts about motivational messages.


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