Dear You needing followers,

It’s a double blessing because you look great, and people tend to follow beautiful people. But, as you’ve probably caught my point; I’m talking about your value which gives much stronger attraction. Why do you think many people follow certain people?

Hey, if you’re interested in ‘how to make friends,’ then, read this letter: Dear You looking for friends,. It’ll help you to find a good friend.

So, what values am I trying to suggest to you? Here are some three secrets I want to tell you:

Appreciate your life. Are you investing to yourself rather than watching meaningless media? Are you creating your own stories to tell the next generation? Are you developing your idea to bring out of your brain? People who live their own lives are attractive and get followed by many because others are blind to find their own stories. There’s just something attractive who are crazy about there own stories. Why don’t you be the crazy one?

Be a follower. Find a mentor. We live once, so we need guidance. Tomorrow is never experienced yet, but they might’ve learned from their stumbles. They will give you some tips and tricks to minimize your loss. So, meet a mentor who can teach you the core value of life. For me, my friends and parents, books and valuable media, and God are my mentors. These learning will definitely make you an attractive person.

Hey, but always be careful. We see many fall from the sky because of them losing the their original values. Understand that you have a limit. Admit that you have a different talent from that guy. Know that the audience who read your story are different from her audience. So, focus on the core values because only the people who are interested in your story and values will be your true followers.

Quantity seems an attractive measure of a success. But, hey, the true followers will expand your legacy for you. So, keep focusing on your value, and let people chase you.

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